Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So this is long overdue . . . MY FIRST POST!!! I created this blog in hmmm. . . .July? Yes, July! And today is the first time I will even use it! I've been home sick and restricted to couch activities. I hope to get back to school asap, but there's nothing like the relief of having a fever and knowing that you are NOT ALLOWED to stay at school because you are a walking infection. License to be a couch potato is sweet.

Life has been so crazy lately. A new school year. A new house. I definitely underestimated the responsibilities of home ownership. You can't call emergency maintenance when your hot water is not working. Only you can unclog the drain that has been attacked by massive amounts of hair. Not fun. However, drains and all I am so grateful for our new home. Finally, we are close to our friends and church. This has been my prayer for the past five years and God is so kind to answer it.

So my sweet husband introduced me to this silly website today that I thought might be interesting to others. Check out: It's a parody of the oddities of Christianity written by a really solid Christian guy - it reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously... "I side hug..." Enjoy!